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Theatre Dance School

We hope the following points answer many of your initial questions but we welcome you to give us a call so that we can help you in person. All new pupils can try a class free with absolutely no obligation.
Q: Are the teachers qualified?

A: Yes classes are taken by fully qualified and highly experienced teachers and all classes with younger children have either another qualified teacher or a student present to assist.
If we haven't answered your questions here, please call 01628 624722, with no obligation.
Q: At what age can my child start classes?

A: Our beginners classes are from age 3 and are based on Ballet, musical expression and imagination. Children can start Tap and Jazz at the age of 5.
Q: How much are the fees?

A: Our parents find that our fees are very competitive but as they vary according to age and number of classes taken please call or e-mail for details.
Q: Will my child's progress be monitored?

A: Yes. All our pupils are treated as individuals and because we have a full range of graded classes children are moved to the next level in line with their growing needs and abilities.
Q: Will my child have the opportunity to enter for vocational exams?

A: Yes. Examiners from the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) visit the school twice a year to conduct graded examinations, medal tests and for younger children rosette tests. Our pupils consistently gain higher than average results and we have a 100% success rate.
Q: Will my child be included in any shows?

A: Yes. All children participate in our annual shows which are the highlight of our school year.
Q: Do you have classes for adults?

A: Yes. At present we offer adult ballet classes, on Monday evenings, which are suitable for all adults from teens upwards who have had some previous dance experience.

If you have had no previous experience please call or e-mail for details of our next beginners course.
Q: What times are the classes?

A: Our timetable can vary slightly from term to term but as a rough guide our beginners classes are mainly on Saturday mornings and adult ballet is on Monday evenings. We also have more advanced classes on Saturdays and weekday evenings.
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